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  • 14 Amazing Places You Have to See When in Rio

    Rio is much more than Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf and Copacabana beach. If you are planning to go to the Olympic Summer Games next year, you should definitely make the effort to visit these wonderful places as well!

    • Prainha - This is one of Rio’s most sought-after surf spots. It’s also isolated and a place where you can really get away from it all!
    • Grumari Beach - This is perfect spot for those who want to escape the normally crowded and more famous beaches of Rio.
    • Parque da Floresta da Tijuca - This park has waterfalls, hiking trails, picnic areas, amazing views and is close to nature. What else could you want?
    • Parque Lage – Here, beautiful architecture and gardens meet preserved nature and forests. Enjoy your sunny afternoon like a true carioca!
    • Pedra do Sal - This place has immense historical importance for the city of Rio and its culture. It is also the birthplace of samba music!
    • Theatro Municipal - 'Beautiful' doesn't even begin to describe this important and incredible theatre built in 1909. It’s an absolute must-see.
    • Feira de São Cristóvão – This indoor market celebrates Brazil's colorful northeastern culture. You’ll be treated to great music, delicious food a good time!
    • Real Gabinete Português - A true hidden jewel in the centre of Rio, this library is dedicated to Lusophone culture.
    • Parque do Penhasco Dois Irmãos – Whether you love adventure or not, you’ll enjoy the incredible view of the city!
    • Escadaria Selarón - Decorated by Chilean artist Jorge Selarón, this stairway is an open-air art installation located in the heart of historical Rio.
    • Parque da Cidade – Take a short trip across the Rio–Niterói Bridge, and you will find a brilliant spot where you can enjoy the sunset.
    • Pedra Bonita - It only takes 30 minutes to hike up Pedra Bonita to enjoy one of the best views that Rio has to offer.
    • Parque Madureira – Over 90,000 square metres, the park brings fun, leisure, culture and the Olympic rings to the region!

    • Arpoador: between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, you can find one of the best places in Rio to watch the sunset. 
  • Great Comebacks of Olympians
    One of the most exciting and memorable things at the Olympic Games is to watch athletes come from behind and win. On numerous occasions, Olympians have beaten the odds to make such comebacks. They gave it their all, and were rewarded. Here are 12 such stories.
    • At London 2012, Russia became the only team in men's volleyball history to come from 2 sets down to win gold. Team Brazil had gold medal point twice.
    • At Lake Placid 1980, the USA came back from a 3-2 deficit by scoring 2 goals in 2 minutes during the 3rd period against the then dominant USSR.
    • During the women's ice hockey gold medal match at Sochi 2014, Canada scored 2 goals in the last 4 mins of regulation to tie the game, winning in overtime.
    • @Chad Le Clos (RSA) was.58s behind @Michael Phelps (USA) at the 150m mark in the men's 200m butterfly at London 2012. Le Clos beat Phelps by .05 s.
    • In short track speed skating, anything can happen. At Salt Lake 2002, Steven Bradbury won gold after his competitors crashed ahead of him in the final turn.
    • At Munich 1972, Lasse Virén (FIN, athletics) broke the world record in the 10,000m despite falling midway through the race. He won by 6 metres.
    • @Greg Louganis (USA, diving) suffered a concussion during preliminary rounds at Seoul 1988. Despite this, he came back to win gold.
    • @Kerri Strug (USA) landed a vault on an injured ankle in the women's team competition at Atlanta 1996 to help her team win gold.
    • During the women's volleyball tournament at London 2012, Brazil saved 6 match points to defeat Russia in the quarterfinals. The would go on to win gold!
    • Kip Keino (KEN, athletics) had gallstones at Mexico 1968. Additionally, before winning the 1500m, he got stuck in traffic and had to run to the stadium.
    • @Jason Lezak (USA) swam the last leg of the men's 4x100m freestyle relay at London. He was 0.6s off the lead, but overcame it to help his team win gold.
    • With 200m left to run, Dave Wottle (USA, athletics) was in last place in the 800m at Munich 1972. Accelerating hard, he won by .03 seconds!
  • 7 Olympic Movies that you must see

    The Olympic Games are dramatic, exciting, sometimes surprising and most of all fun! It's no wonder that they're often the subject of films. Here are 7 movies that we're sure you'll love watching over and over again.

    • Cool Runnings (1993) is a fan favourite about a Jamaican bobsleigh team that competes at the 1988 Calgary. The story is partially based on real events.
    • Tokyo Olympiad is a documentary about Tokyo 1964. You can see the film in its entirety by clicking
    • Chariots of Fire (1981) follows the story of two British athletes, Harold Abrahams (L) and Eric Liddell (R), who compete for gold in Paris 1924.
    • Prefontaine (1997) is based on the tragic life of Steve Prefontaine (USA, athletics) who finished 4th in Munich 1972. He died in a car crash in 1975.
    • One in a Million (1936) was a fictional film starring 3 time figure skating champ Sonya Henie (NOR). Henie plays Greta Muller, an aspiring Olympian.
    • The Olympic Champ (1942) is only 7 minutes long, but this animated short starring Disney's Goofy will sure make you smile!
    • Miracle (2004) is the unlikely, true story of how the US ice hockey team upset the USSR at Lake Placid 1980.
  • 11 Nature Pictures Taken by Olympic Athletes

    The wonders of nature are all around us, whether it be a spectacular thunderstorm or steadfast mountain. For this hub story, we've collected 11 nature pics taken posted by Olympic athletes. Enjoy!

    • @Tobias Arwidson (SWE, biathlon) was training and on his way home in Lima, Sweden when he captured this stunning photo!
    • Bee all you can bee! Thanks @Richard Bohus (HUN, swimming) for this beautiful macro shot.
    • @Andrew Newell (USA, cross country skiing) was hiking near Sacajawea peak as he took a picture of these wildflowers with the mountain in the background.
    • This amazing Bali sunset was taken by @Vic Wild  (RUS, snowboarding). In the post, Wild said, "My first Bali sunset didn't disappoint".
    • @Alena Zavarzina (RUS, snowboarding) took this shot of Columbia River Gorge... and her husband @Vic Wild (RUS, snowboarding) too!
    • @Mathieu Faivre (France, alpine skiing) captured this amazing flash of lightning at his house.
    • @Virginia De Martin Topranin (ITA, cross country skiing) posted a stunning pic of these wildflowers with a mountain in the background.
    • @Gloria Kotnik (SLO, snowboarding) uploaded a #tbt shot of when she hiked in the Dolomites. Amazing!
    • Here is another pic of @Gloria Kotnik hiking in the Dolomites. Doesn't it make you want to go there as well?
    • Here is a spectacular image of Bryce Canyon taken by @Shona Rubens (CAN, alpine skiing).
    • "The ocean is my world" says @Moss Burmester (NZL, swimming). He took a photo of these sharks while free diving in the Bahamas
  • Amazing Female Olympic Athletes

    @Claudia Bokel , member of the IOC Executive Board, has stated it clearly: “Sport is a great way to elevate equality. If we succeed in reaching equality in sport, we can succeed in society.” At Paris 1900, only 2.2% of the athletes were women. 112 years later in London, 44% of the competitors were female. Over that time period, the world has witnessed incredible feats by these inspirational athletes. Here are 8 such competitors, who have impressed millions with their athleticism and greatness.

    • Charlotte Cooper (GBR, tennis) was the first female athlete to win a gold. She competed at the Paris 1900 Games, winning women's singles and mixed doubles.
    • Fanny Durack (AUS, left) was the first woman to win gold in swimming (100m). In order to travel to Stockholm, she had to raise her own funds.
    • Larisa Latynina (URS, artistic gymnastics) has won an incredible 18 medals, 9 of which were gold. She dominated her sport from 1956 to 1964.
    • Madge Syers (GBR) helped pave the way for the 1st figure skating ladies competition at London 1908 by winning silver at the Worlds in 1902!
    • Did we mention that Madge Syers was the first woman to compete at the World Figure Skating Championships and the only woman entered in 1902?
    • "Babe" Didrikson (USA) excelled in many events, winning golds in javelin throw and hurdles and silver in high jump. She later took up golf, and dominated!
    • Jackie Joyner (USA), like Didrikson, was an all-around athlete, winning 6 medals including 2 golds in heptathlon and 1 gold in long jump.
    • Nawal El Moutawakel was the only female athlete from Morocco to compete at Los Angeles 1984. She won gold in 400m hurdles.
    • @Nadia Comaneci (ROU) earned gymnastics' first perfect 10 during Montreal 1976. The 9 time Olympic medalist went on to record 6 more 10s during those Games!