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  • 7 Life Hacks of Olympic Athletes
    Ever need a tool, but couldn't find it? You can either look for it, or use other objects in creative ways. A few Olympic athletes have shared their life hacks on social media, and we've put them here for you to see!
    • Lost your turkey baster? Thanks to this idea from @Keri-Anne Payne (GBR, swimming), all you need to save your dinner from drying out is a water bottle!
    • Sometimes when you're on top of a glacier, you just need to get out of the sun. Luckily @Michael Riddle (CAN, skiing) showed us how in this cool pic!
    • When your hair gets out of control, and you don't have a comb or brush, use a fork! Thanks @Matthew Mitcham (AUS, diving) for this tip :)
    • You don't need a shower cap as long as you have a plastic bag. Looking good, @Jeneba Tarmoh  (USA, athletics)!
    • @Chris Hoy (GBR, cycling) has retired from cycling, but he still races... with cars. When the windows got misty, Hoy used a hair dryer to defog!
    • @Nina Heglund (GBR, handball) can macgyver a bike with just a hair tie and a twig! Pretty sweet :)
    • No paper? No problem! @Jason Rogers (USA, fencing) used a banana peel as a notepad! Bananas = great for breakfast and memos!
  • What 10 Olympic Athletes Did for Olympic Day!

    Recently, we had a story about what Olympic athletes were doing to promote Olympic Day. Olympic Day was yesterday, and here are a few stories of what 10 Olympic Athletes did to celebrate!

    • @Valentina Marchei (Italy, figure skating) says she had an amazing Olympic Day as she posted this picture of herself stretching in Capri.
    • @Shannon Miller and Jaycee Phelps (USA, gymnastics) helped out at a fun fitness day in Indianapolis. They tried to set a world record for handstands!
    • @Emily Cook (USA, freestyle skiing) spent Olympic Day at Utah Olympic Park coaching the next generation of Olympians! (pic taken in October 2013)
    • @Stephanie Magiros (AUS, snowboarding) volunteered at a primary school in Sydney, sharing the Olympic spirit with the students there!
    • @Michael Phelps and @Allison Schmitt (USA, swimming) spent their Olympic Day at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.
    • @Usain Bolt (JAM, athletics) posted this inspirational quote and pic of him and @Yohan Blake 
    • @Brendan Green (CAN, biathlon) trained for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics. In the post, he said "Making the hard work count"
    • @Noelle Barahona (Chile, alpine skiing) did some rock climbing!
    • @Lolo Jones (USA, athletics, bobsleigh) posted this pic for Olympic Day, writing "One sport I won't make... Golf returns to The Olympics next year!"
    • @Felix Sanchez  (USA, athletics) reminisced about the Olympics, saying they have helped him learn "to adapt, focus, and dream".
  • The Artwork of Henry Fraser

    Henry Fraser had a promising rugby career when he was 17. However, a spinal cord injury would leave him paralysed from the neck down in 2009. Fraser's attitude is best described in his own words: "Being challenged in life is inevitable, but I believe that being defeated is optional". He has started mouth-drawings, and much of his work is focused around Olympic athletes. You can see his work here.

    Follow him on Twitter @henryfraser0

    • Here, you can see Fraser working on a painting of @Usain Bolt. It takes a lot of concentration and effort.
    • This is the finished picture of Bolt. It's simply amazing!
    • @Usain Bolt was impressed too. He sent this tweet to Fraser, calling it "brilliant".
    • @Jessica Ennis (UK, athletics) was also one the subject of one of Fraser's paintings. She agreed to sign it, and Fraser will donate it to charity.
    • @Chris Hoy, (UK, cycling), the most decorated Olympic cyclist of all time, is depicted here riding. Hoy also signed it!
    • Can you tell who this is? Fraser drew @Roger Federer hitting an amazing through the legs shot.
    • This is @Roger Federer's tweet back to Fraser after seeing his work of art!
    • At Rio 2016, Rory McIlroy will be competing in golf for Ireland. Here, Fraser created a pencil drawing of him. McIlroy calls described it as "amazing"!
  • What Olympic Athletes Are Doing for Olympic Day!

    Olympic Day is June 23, and several Olympic athletes have already posted pics of what they are doing to get active and/or inspire others to do so. Read about 15 such athletes here!

    • @Paige McPherson (USA, taekwondo) posted, “#OlympicDay is almost here! Keep training and working towards your dream!”
    • @Carol Huynh (CAN, wrestling) went on a bike ride with her “little munchkin” and posted it for Olympic Day and says “let’s #getactive!”
    • @Wendy Boglioli (USA) may have retired from swimming, but she still trains! She uploaded this pic for Olympic Day.
    • @Geena Gall (USA, athletics) posted this pic of her running 1500m for Olympic Day. At 1200m, she had a time of 3:16!
    • @Elana Meyers (USA, bobsleigh) posted this pic and said, “#OlympicDay is coming June 23- but there's no time like the present to get active!”
    • @Danni Rundqvist (SWE, ice hockey) inspires athletes and shares her Olympic experiences in Malmö for Olympic Day!
    • @Olya Ovtchinnikova (CAN, fencing) volunteered at the Olympic Stadium in Canada, helping over 600 kids try out new sports!
    • For Olympic Day, @Jo-Annie Fortin (CAN) posted this pic of her coaching the next generation of synchronized swimmers.
    • @Maruša Ferk (SLO, alpine skiing) posted this pic of her lifting weights and says, “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow!”
    • The Qatar Olympic Committee recently celebrated Olympic Day by having a cycling competition.
    • @Sara Hendershot (USA, rowing) posted this pic for Olympic Day, quoting Howard Thurman, “Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it!”
    • IOC President Thomas Bach (GER, fencing) recently met with fencing hopefuls in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    • @Sandra Sassine (CAN, fencing) is seen here inspiring the next generation of fencers at the Richmond Olympic Oval.
    • @Jarryd Hughes (AUS, snowboarding) spoke to students at Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College about participating in sport!
  • Olympic Athletes Who Are Either Twins or Have a Twin

     Many Olympians have siblings. Some have a twin. Here is a list of athletes who either have a twin or compete alongside a twin!

    • @Gracie Gold (USA, figure skating) has a fraternal twin, Carly Gold who is an elite skater too!
    • @Bob Bryan and @Mike Bryan (Tennis, USA) have been one of the most dominant men's doubles teams for several years thanks to their exceptional teamwork.
    • Nikolaos and Apostolos Gkountoulas (GRE, rowing) started rowing while growing up in Greece, and have been rowing together ever since!
    • Bagher Kalhor (IRI, alpine skiing) has a twin brother, Sadegh. Both love to ski. Bagher has competed at the Olympics, and Sadegh at the Paralympics.
    • Did you know @Mo Farah (GBR, athletics) has a twin brother, Hassan, who lives in Somalia? Hassan said that he "rejoiced in his [brother's] success"
    • @Vita Semerenko (L) and @Valj Semerenko (2nd from R) are biathletes from Ukraine. At Sochi, both competed in women's 4x6km relay, winning gold!
    • Fraternal twins Peter and Pavol Hochschorner (SVK) are the most decorated Olympians in canoe slalom history, winning gold 3 times and bronze once.
    • @Henrik Lundqvist (SWE, ice hockey) has an identical twin, Joel, who is also a professional ice hockey player. Henrik has 2 medals: 1 gold and 1 silver.
    • Daniel and Henrik Sedin are another pair of identical twins hailing from Sweden. Both helped their country win gold at 2006 Turin.
    • Phil and Steve Mahre (USA, alpine skiing) are fraternal twins. They took first and second place respectively in slalom at Sarajevo 1984.
    • The Olympian @Rafael da Silva is a silver medalist and plays for Manchester United. His brother Fabio is also a football player and plays for Cardiff. 
    • @Tyler Winklevoss and @Cameron Winklevoss, (USA) identical twins, competed at Beijing 2008, and are well-known in the U.S.