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  • #DIY Olympic-style!
    Do it yourself, and you know you've done it right (well, most of the time anyway). For this story, we found 7 Olympic athletes who have posted cool, original things that they've made themselves. Have fun!
    • @Jennifer Dahlgren (ARG, athletics) created this cute organiser. Did you notice how it folds neatly into thirds for easy storage?
    • @Jessica Zelinka (CAN, athletics) used an old bottle as a tripod on the track for her phone. Nice!
    • Can you guess what is homemade in this photo? @Kjetil Jansrud (NOR, skiing) built this concrete table, and it weighs 200kg!
    • @Sharon Day (USA, athletics) made this lip balm over the holidays as a gift. We liked the little pictures... they're the bomb for you lips, peace out!
    • @Micael Lundmark (SWE, snowboard) made this leather biker jacket for his french bulldog. Time to go cruising!
    • On a long bus trip, and need a place to hold your tablet? Don't get a headrest holder, just use a sweatshirt. Thanks @Hilary Knight (USA, ice hockey)
    • Never worry about your phone! @Tracy Little (CAN, synchronized swimming) made this durable case and tested it with an old phone (that was already broken).
  • #Homegrown by Olympic Athletes

    Growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden is rewarding and delicious. We found posts by Olympic athletes where they share on social media what they've planted and/or picked. Enjoy!

    • @Sarah Lindsay (GBR, short track speed skating) found these "freaky carrots" in her grandfather's garden. Would you eat them?
    • Is it a marrow or is it a courgette? That's the question @Heather Fell (GBR, pentathlon) asked when posting this picture of two... well... you know...
    • Last November, @Jenny Owens (AUS, alpine skiing) shared this photo of her garden's first ripe strawberry of the season.
    • @Kimberley McRae (CAN, luge) said "I love my fresh veggies from the garden!" We do too!
    • "Harvested this beauty of an #artichoke from the #garden", posts @Kjersti Buaas  (NOR, snowboarding).
      It is indeed beautiful!
    • @Sayaka Matsumoto (USA, judo) shared with us these "fruits and vegetables of her labor"!
    • @Alexa Loo (CAN, snowboarding) picked these totally twisted carrots from her garden. It's almost tragic to pull them apart since they've grown so close!
    • @Kelly Holmes (GBR, athletics) said "you got to love my veggie plot" and "I hate weeds" in one of her posts. Gardening is full of emotions!
  • 10 Olympians #RoadToRio who celebrated #1yeartogo to the Games

    Rio 2016 officially begins 5 August 2016. Wednesday marked #1yeartogo to the Games! See what Olympic athletes posted about it here.

    • @Anna Meares (AUS, cycling) says she is working hard towards her dreams! 
    • The Women's German National Hockey Team posted this photo collage with the hashtag #cantwait !!!
    • @Emma Coburn (USA, athletics) posted this pic of herself training in the evening and said there are still "a lot of miles between now and Rio!"
    • @Fernanda Garay (BRA, volleyball) says "está chegando a hora" (the time is coming). It is, and we're counting down too!
    • @Jake Herbert (USA, wrestling) stated that in one year he plans to "walk in [his] 2nd @Team USA Olympic opening ceremony". Nice!
    • @John Mann (USA, water polo) says that with 1 year to go, "the hard work continues"!
    • @Lara Teixeira (BRA, synchronized swimming) posted this wonderful photo. We're also jumping for joy now that Rio 2016 is less than 1 year away!
    • @Andy Murray (GBR, tennis) posted, "3 years ago today I won gold in London. Hoping to do the same at Rio 2016! #1YearToGo"
    • @Team New Zealand wins the prize for most original #1yeartogo post! It's... so... awesome!
    • @Sanya Richards-Ross posted "366 days away.... #ReadyForRio"
      (No, that's not a typo! 2016 is a leap year!)
  • 11 Desserts of Olympians
    Love all things sweet? Many Olympic athletes do, and they've shared some of their favourite desserts on social media. We chose 11 that athletes have recently posted and have put them here for you to enjoy (or at least drool over)!
    • This raspberry chocolate mousse inside a white chocolate shell looks scrumptious. Thanks @Polina Edmunds (USA, figure skating) for making us so hungry!
    • According to @Arianna Fontana's (ITA, short track speed skating) post, key lime pie is her new favourite dessert!
    • There's nothing like relaxing after working hard and having some homemade dessert! Thanks, @Luka Bozic (SLO, canoe slalom) for sharing.
    • @Madeleine Scerri (MLT, swimming) took this pic of a strawberry, chocolate and peanut butter dessert that was just put in the oven. Salivating yet?
    • The hashtags in this post say #gelato and #brownie, but all we see is #temptation! @Arianna Fontana shared this monster of a dessert with her husband!
    • @Mercedes Nicoll (CAN, snowboarding) posted this delicious treat saying "You can be jealous!" And... we are!
    • Here's a cake that @Madeleine Scerri had for her mother's birthday. Scerri's mother said, "It tasted as good as it looks"!
    • @Fiona Pennie (GBR, canoe slalom) invented this treat. It's best described as a "#Beetroot and #Blueberry Volcano!"
    • @Dagmara Wozniak (USA, fencing) made this apple rose dessert for her sister's birthday dinner. It.. looks... incredible!
    • Chocolate fondue anyone?! It sure looks good! @Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS, triathlon) was the lucky athlete who got to eat it!
    • @Carlos Oquendo (COL, BMX) ate this creative BMX-themed dessert as a mid afternoon snack. Pretty sweet!
  • 14 Amazing Places You Have to See When in Rio

    Rio is much more than Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf and Copacabana beach. If you are planning to go to the Olympic Summer Games next year, you should definitely make the effort to visit these wonderful places as well!

    • Prainha - This is one of Rio’s most sought-after surf spots. It’s also isolated and a place where you can really get away from it all!
    • Grumari Beach - This is perfect spot for those who want to escape the normally crowded and more famous beaches of Rio.
    • Parque da Floresta da Tijuca - This park has waterfalls, hiking trails, picnic areas, amazing views and is close to nature. What else could you want?
    • Parque Lage – Here, beautiful architecture and gardens meet preserved nature and forests. Enjoy your sunny afternoon like a true carioca!
    • Pedra do Sal - This place has immense historical importance for the city of Rio and its culture. It is also the birthplace of samba music!
    • Theatro Municipal - 'Beautiful' doesn't even begin to describe this important and incredible theatre built in 1909. It’s an absolute must-see.
    • Feira de São Cristóvão – This indoor market celebrates Brazil's colorful northeastern culture. You’ll be treated to great music, delicious food a good time!
    • Real Gabinete Português - A true hidden jewel in the centre of Rio, this library is dedicated to Lusophone culture.
    • Parque do Penhasco Dois Irmãos – Whether you love adventure or not, you’ll enjoy the incredible view of the city!
    • Escadaria Selarón - Decorated by Chilean artist Jorge Selarón, this stairway is an open-air art installation located in the heart of historical Rio.
    • Parque da Cidade – Take a short trip across the Rio–Niterói Bridge, and you will find a brilliant spot where you can enjoy the sunset.
    • Pedra Bonita - It only takes 30 minutes to hike up Pedra Bonita to enjoy one of the best views that Rio has to offer.
    • Parque Madureira – Over 90,000 square metres, the park brings fun, leisure, culture and the Olympic rings to the region!

    • Arpoador: between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, you can find one of the best places in Rio to watch the sunset.