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Aksel Lund Svindal

Alpine Skiing

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  • The three of us ravelled the world together skiing for 15 years. Tonight Lars is the first on of us getting married and he's the first on of us to start making up for all those nights rooming with a dude.

  • It's snowing almost all the way down to Innsbruck. It's raining in Oslo. Strange spring!! If the summer is not gonna come, we should have just kept the winter:)

  • My team wrapped up the season with a great world cup final, while I wrapped up the season with a fun powder trip to Alaska. And that Alaska trip marked the end of my winter 14/15 solo mission. Being injured you spend a lot of time by yourself. Doing your rehab training and travelling back and forward between different groups and different resorts to get some ski training. Cause the show must go on. And winter time means race time. That’s what has priority, and when you cant be a part of that, you find your own way. Not completely by yourself, but its more or less up to yourself to make the best out of the situation. But not anymore. Feels great to be 100% back with the team again. Being healthy enough to take part in the normal everyday activity and not slowing anyone down. We have a couple of good camps and we´ve started the summer dryland training. Was hoping for some good skiing in Austria this week, but weather not cooperating at the moment. But I´ll keep my eyes open for some more skiing. I´ve got some work to do to catch up what I lost this winter! The physical condition is good. I was able to get a lot of good physical training even with the cast on my foot. In fact I was back at my normal maxium squat(leg strength) level just weeks after loosing the cast. Still a bit behind on the running and biking, but its getting there. So here´s to a spring with good training and great sessions back with the boys!

  • Yesterday was a lot of socialising, eating, drinking and sitting. It feels great to get out and sweat again.

  • Happy birthday Norway!!! #17mai #17thofmay

  • ...and #getoutandride #oakley #prizmroad

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  • Hell yeah!!! Great choice and we'll spoken Mr Jansrud!! #regram @kjansrud @head_ski

  • #sightseeing #Vienna #wien Great city!

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