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Aksel Lund Svindal

Alpine Skiing

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  • Different starting gate. Same rush.. @fieldprod photo Sverre Hjørnevik

  • Different starting gate. Same rush... @fieldprod photo @svehj

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  • Flying into new adventures..

  • As a good Norwegian you need to watch cross country skiing. I've never been to a cross country event. So since I'm on a visit in Oslo I figured it was time to cross that off the list. #dariocologna #holmenkollen

  • Back to "just skiing";) As a kid I would ski a lot in the winter. That kinda changes once you reach world cup level. There are so many races, that there is very little room for training days. And during a race day there is more talking about skiing then there is actual skiing. In the morning you inspect the course for about an hour. Then you talk to the coaches. Watch some of the other racers and get feedback from your coaches again after they’ve seen a few guys. Then you finally get to ski yourself, but only one or two runs during the day. And then you spend time talking to the media about those few minutes of skiing. Before you look at your run again in the evening and talk to the coaches about how to get better. Its all exciting and competition is fun. But there is not a lot of actual skiing during a race season. Most of the skiing you want to get done needs to happen during summer and fall. But now that I´m not doing races I have way more time to just ski. I´ve been skiing almost every day since I was able to put a ski boot on around mid January. It´s back to how thing used to be when I was a junior, and I like it a lot. Training with the junior team, the Europa cup team and the slalom guys. Like in the picture when Kjetil Lars and I were working our way up. Getting lots of skiing done and working on the technique more than looking at the times and thinking about speed. Getting a reminder of how fun the pure skiing is, without lots of people around and getting attention from media etc. It´s fun and I think it’s a great way to start preparing for next winter. Cause then its back to “normal”. Ski in the summer/fall and spend the winter talking about skiing ;)

  • Sunny days and spring conditions early March. That's a bit early. #globalwarming p:@sebfosssol

  • "Gas station" mountain style. #audi #hybrid #etron