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  • Was lovely to meet everyone! x

  • Stopped by to see the lovely Edda from my sponsors Equipe and then two minutes later saw my friend Greg 'riding' Blueberry straight past me!! haha lots of fun here at Equitana Australia

  • Still so very surreal so we celebrated in style. Was also lovely to meet all the volunteers today who make Equitana Australia possible and who are clearly working tirelessly to put on this great event! Australia, thank you for being so welcoming so far and to all of you back home for your lovely comments. We're reading them all! x

  • O my word, did that just happen?! Thank you to The Sunday Times and Sky Sports for this incredible honour. Sportswoman of the Year 2014 - wow!! Who would have thought a dressage rider would win in such a strong category, alongside women I truly admire! Thank you to Natasha Baker for accepting the award on my behalf, my family, Carl, Roly, Ian, Dean, the entire team back home, my sponsors and governing bodies that really make everything possible for riders like me. And to you.....Blueberry, my horse of a lifetime. My dancing friend, and my equine soulmate. I know when I tell you, that you dont understand how precious you are and all we have achieved together, but expect extra treats and a hug from me when I come home x

  • Very late here in Australia but we've had a great day doing a horseback winery tour. Avoided the wine part, haha, but the scenery was just stunning. What a place!! Tomorrow is a big day as its The Sunday Times and Sky Sportswoman of the Year Awards which I am shortlisted for, in London and my Piaffe team will be attending and keeping you updated throughout the evening. You'll see the horses in the pictures aren't our normal dressage horses but loved them, like all horses anyway. Made friends with mine so thinking I might sneak him home with me!! x

  • Australia here we come!!! Are you ready!! :-)

  • I love them Annabel and can't wait to work with you. x https://www.facebook.com/annabelbrocks

  • While I finish my packing for Equitana Australia (so excited) I wanted to write as lots of you have asked about the headwarmers I was wearing at Your Horse Live. Its lovely to say that I am now sponsored by the designer of them, Annabel Brocks. Annabel or Belle as she is known, has only just launched the fashion accessories onto the market and she designs all the collection herself with the support of her partner from their Suffolk Farmhouse. We absolutely clicked when we met and whilst Annabel doesnt talk about it often, she has already inspired me so much and I just love the products. Having been through two journeys of breast cancer within the last five years, Belle's life was turned upside down and her career in London after 12 years as a Lifestyle Manager to the elite, sadly had to come to an end. But Belle had always dreamt of running her own company and she has a deep passion for tweeds, velvets and amazing fabrics. All of the collection uses the finest faux fur and are made here in Britain, and what is EVEN more exciting is that we will be collaborating on a few pieces in the future for my own collection, which I cant wait to share with you! As the products are hand made, at certain times there can be a small wait to get them but its well worth it. Can you tell I like them! haha She sells the headwarmers and scarves in a number of select boutiques, country wear and tack shops and for Autumn/Winter 2015 she hopes to be in more inside and outside of the UK. Really excited by this and thank you so much Annabel, you are an incredible lady and Im glad something great has come out of what was a difficult time! x www.annabelbrocks.com

  • *******Piaffe facebook takeover of Charlottes wall quickly to ask you all kindly if you wouldnt mind voting for her. She is by far one of the most prolific athletes now in British history and deserves all the recognition there is. We ask you all, if you can, to please share and vote for Charlotte Dujardin as the 2014 BT Action Woman of the Year. We would be so proud of her if she wins as would you all we're sure. Ok we're off so she can change the password AGAIN. Haha. Thank you and have a lovely evening everyone! http://sport.bt.com/more-sport-hub/women-in-sport/2014-bt-action-woman-of-the-year-award-S11363940260913


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