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  • Well British Dressage has made the announcement today and we are all over the moon to be part of Team GB at the upcoming Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy. Every chance to represent the country is such a dream; it really is. In fact I have to pinch myself every time!! Haha. Want to congratulate my fellow team mates too, Carl, Gareth, Michael and to Lara and Dan as reserves. We'll do our best to get on that podium, together, and hope to make you all feel proud to be part of the rise and rise of this sport. It was quite fitting today that Ruby Hughes, Gareth's daughter, was having a lesson with Carl and given she did so well and tries so hard, we thought we'd let her break the news to Blueberry, who was so equally happy, he gave her a kiss to say thank you. A great day for all and our team x

  • A lovely morning walk with a happy and relaxed Blueberry here in Aachen. Looking forward to later :-)

  • Want to say a massive thank you for everyone's messages of support, including from fellow riders competing with us in Aachen and of course to Carl, Ian, Alan, family, friends and all of the team we're lucky to have. There were a few expensive errors in our test yesterday but as they say, its not how many times you fall down, its how many times you get back up! Blueberry worked really well today and we'll do our very best in the Special tomorrow. As I have always said horses are not machines and whether it's a horse error or rider error, we learn from it, keep going and more importantly continue to enjoy it because that’s what its all about. Tomorrow's times below local time. Charlotte x http://www.chioaachen.de/en/starterlisten?iEventId=1116&sListLabel=Starter%20D6

  • Quick photo for you all to say thanks for your well wishes x

  • Aachen very hot but Blueberry relaxed and worked well today under the watchful eye of Carl. Excited now!

  • Off to Aachen. Blueberry seems very excited which is good! Keep your fingers crossed team x

  • Smartie cuddles and a happy ending for him x

  • Love this mare! One for the future we hope!

  • Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes. Had a little help blowing the candles out! Love this photo taken by my best friend Ian x

  • Outside of being my sponsors, I was genuinely so happy today to see support for riders4helmets on the Classic Dressage stand at Hartpury. It's still so humbling when people say I changed perceptions by wearing a crash hat in competition but even elite performance horses can be unpredictable and we can't take this for granted in what can be a dangerous sport. So I encourage you all to ensure you get measured correctly, have your hat checked frequently and never take for granted what is your day to day safety. There are some lovely styles on the market now and of course my preference will be Charles Owen who again are hugely supportive in my career. Thanks also to Classic and young recruit Lewis for keeping a handle on my purse strings today! Hehe x