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Lindsey Vonn

United States of America-USA
Alpine Skiing

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  • Had fun training some slalom today. It's crazy to think that I won a slalom here 7 years ago...damn I feel old 🙈😜 But still makes me smile to look back. #lifeisgood #happy

  • can't win them all ;) Still happy with my 3rd place and especially happy to have my dad and puppy in the finish with me. #stillhappy #ilovelucy Now let's GO @broncos!!!!

  • Such an awesome day!! 🏆 #LV76

  • Aaaahhhh win 76!!! Today was a tough race with much higher speeds than in the training run. Really happy that my tactics and line worked :) hopefully the snow will hold up for tomorrow's race! #LV76 #anotherone

  • First downhill training run in Garmisch went well but the conditions were definitely on the limit of being unsafe. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain so I doubt we will get another run on the course before race day but at least the weather looks good for the weekend. My dad, and of course, Lucy are here with me as well. It's nice to have some family support :) ❤️ #lifeontheroad

  • "Hurry up and wait" is the name of the game in ski racing! Been waiting for a while so I decided to take a nap with was clearly too much effort to talk my boots off though 😁❤️🐶 #skiracinglife

  • Pretty irritated with myself for crashing in Maribor, but sh*t happens...this is where I take out my frustration :) #alwaysgrinding #ontothenextone

  • Had so much fun riding around #Maribor with my little nugget, the Swedish girls and my teammates! Lucy fit perfectly in the little basket on my bike❤️. I don't often get to explore the cities I travel to so today was a treat. #enjoythemoment #ilovelucy @oakley