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  • You know you have the most amazing parents in the world when they send you a thank you card to thank you for being you❤️ #mybestfriends #familyismyeverything

  • If you don't take an artsy picture while studying, did you actually study? #studyguidesandchai #finalsweek

  • Not sure how I got so lucky... I kind of have the most amazing friends ever! #AIA #Greeklife #SanFraniceskating

  • In all four of our races, @epelton16 and I had a TOTAL of 2.19 seconds difference! Think we train together or nah?😏 I'm so lucky that one of my closest competitors is also one of my closest friends. I'm so proud of all my bears and can't even put into words how inspired I was by them this weekend!💙🐻💛

  • Happy 22nd Birthday to my forever big sis💛 Thank you for constantly making me smile. There is never ever a dull moment with you👵❤️💃 #chubbyfingers #indianfood #ankles #feelinggggtwentytwooo🎶

  • A HUGE happy 21st birthday to one of the best friends, teammates, and training partners in da world! I hope you get a slightly bigger box of fries to celebrate today😉 Love you always Lizard!🐉

  • An amazing (and totally exhausting) weekend in NYC! Thank you to USA Swimming and the USA Swimming Foundation for putting on such a wonderful evening at Golden Goggles, and for all of the support at our New York premiere of Touch the Wall! So grateful for all of my amazing Team USA teammates and all the memories we share! Now time to go HOME for Thanksgiving!🐶😍

  • Don't worry guys... Katie and I went in the appropriate designated lane for our swimming speed this morning😏 Watch out for @kledecky, @ryanlochte, and myself on the Today show today at 8:30 ET!

  • Still can't believe what an amazing weekend it was... I'm so proud to be apart of something so special! #touchthewall #sparklesisters #NYCherewecome

  • I still can't believe the 2,000 people that came out to watch Touch the Wall. It is such a surreal experience being able to share mine and Kara's story with so many people. So thankful for everyone who made this documentary possible.