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Missy Franklin

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  • Andddd this is what happens when NBC Nightly News and @tylerclary decide to team up against me. They got me talking about my years of torture from Tyler on the National Team with how much he loves to scare me and little did I know there was a secret bathroom behind me...

  • Golden Goggles 2015 with this stud🔥 So honored to be apart of the 4x200 freestyle relay that won Relay of the Year! Congrats to all the nominees and winners last night! So proud of all of you and so grateful to have such amazing inspirations in my life🇺🇸🏊🏼

  • And we're off! Heading to LA for a CRAZY busy weekend full of teammates, photo shoots, red carpets, and of course, training! Can't wait! 🏊🏼🎬📸💄👗

  • Happy Wednesday💛 Hope you all have a wonderful day!💋

  • Hard to believe it's been a year since our premiere of Touch the Wall in Denver... Couldn't be more grateful for all the support we have received throughout this entire process🎬 I never thought two random guys coming to film me when I was 14 would turn into something like this. So much love for C,G, and K💖 @touchthewall

  • So incredibly happy with my swims this weekend at the Minnesota Pro Series! And even happier that I got to spend some quality time with the amazing fans that came out to cheer us on! We couldn't do what we do without you guys!💛 Thanks for being the best ever😘

  • So horrified to hear about what happened in one of my favorite cities in the world. So many prayers going out to Paris and all those effected by this horrific tragedy #prayforparis

  • #Repost @dana.vollmer with @repostapp. ・・・ Nothing better than birthday wishes from this beautiful lady!! 💙💙 love you @missyfranklin88 Nothing makes me happier than having you back on deck! This sport wasn't the same without you in it💛

  • One of my favorite drills! Swimming backstroke with a water bottle on your head really helps with keeping your head straight and working a good rotation! The less water in the bottle the harder it gets! Playing around with it being totally empty today! Also drill creds to @r_bootsma15 circa 2009 when she taught this to me in Sweden😘

  • Naps with the best❤️