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Missy Franklin

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  • Such a joy watching @cleverenz12 marry the love of her life! And it was so special sharing it with such beautiful people like @cpiehl💛 #smithwedding125

  • I'm extremely honored to be on the cover of the NCAA Champion magazine this month. I am so beyond grateful for the two years I've had as a collegiate athlete, especially at the best university in the world! #gobears #finishingstrong

  • Training Trip Tip #2: Big people don't fit in small places. But you might as well try✌️

  • Training Trip Tip #1: Stay hydrated the Hawaiian way???☀️

  • Now this is what I call a perfect Tuesday morning? There is nothing this girl loves more than a chai and her Bible?☕️

  • Meet my new dearest friend Isabella! She is such a bright light and inspiration to me with her smile and positivity despite her battle with cancer. I absolutely loved getting to know you?Thank you so much @childrenscolo for having me back to visit all your amazing kids! I have more and more fun with them each time!☺️

  • In honor of actually getting to go to the Broncos game today, I'm throwing it back to my football days!☺️??? #broncoscountry #Omaha #shouldhaveplayedfootball #butiguessswimmingturnedoutokay

  • Happy Birthday Jesus❤️ I couldn't think of a more meaningful reason to celebrate with family and the people we hold dearest in our hearts #comeletusadorehim #lightandlifetoallHebrings

  • Oh how I've missed them❤️?

  • You know you have the most amazing parents in the world when they send you a thank you card to thank you for being you❤️ #mybestfriends #familyismyeverything