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Missy Franklin

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  • Getting to spend the 4th with the best person I know❤️🇺🇸💙 Hope you were all able to celebrate this amazing country and the courageous sacrifices made for our freedom with family and loved ones!!

  • ATTENTION! It's my bestest friends 20th birthday today AND I get to spend the whole weekend with her💖🎉🎊 Thank you for the endless laughs, joy, encouragement, and support you bring to my life on a daily basis. I know you know this, but I truly don't know what I would do without you. See you tomorrow☺️🐵❤️🐳 Sidenote: I would like to apologize in advance for the amount of pictures that will come out of this weekend🙈😁

  • Hopefully this photo doesn't need much of a caption because it captures my pure joy and excitement. I could not be more honored to receive the Collegiate Women Sports Awards Honda Cup. Getting to know all the incredible women in the 2015 class and being so inspired by them was by far the most rewarding part❤️ Thank you so much to the University of California Berkeley for giving me the opportunity to represent my dream school and to all my CAL teammates and coaches who mean more than the world to me, this wouldn't have been possible without you. And, an additional plus, I was able to wear a white dress because I'm tan enough now that you can tell a difference between my skin and the dress!😂👍🏻 #stillalittlesunburnt #ohwell #gobears #foreverbleedblueandgold

  • There's never been a safer place in the world. My rock through it all. Happy Father's Day Daddy❤️

  • Absolutely loved playing around with my #gopro at the Third Day concert at Red Rocks!! Couldn't imagine a more beautiful place for my first video attempt😊😍

  • First concert at Red Rocks✔️

  • Forever my little sunflowers🌻💜 #Godgavemeyou #K29 #LT4

  • One of my favorite passages in Ruby... Such a beautifully written book with such meaningful and difficult stories to read❤️📚🐛 #oprahsbookclub #bookworm

  • Who said swimmers don't have coordination?! If you guys haven't heard of #SwimJitsu you need to check it out at to learn more and register! @USAswimming

  • So this happened yesterday🙈✈️ I am SO grateful for the experience of flying in an F-16 with one of the incredible pilots of the Thunderbirds. 9.3 g's later and I have such an appreciation for what the men and women in our Air Force are capable of. Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedom. And thank you to the Thunderbirds for being such incredible ambassadors of the Air Force!