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  • That's our surprise before the start of this season! Tomorrow I'm racing with Amazing personalized racing suit. 🎼🎶🎶! 😃😃😃 When 2 STARS meet, always happen something great! Since years toghether, whit so much efforts and complete dedication but especially with high professionalism from both parties. This is how, through my collaboration with ENERGIAPURA, it got out the winning of my professional career, which led me to be who I am and who you know .. We invented, tried out and searched new ideas, new materials, new solutions which were needed to give my hard work the perfect completion. It had not been always easy, because we had also to face and overcome difficulties and limits. These four years together , working on protection garments - become always more performant on my technical features and continually customized on me , on my athletic movements, on my way of skiing and on my needs, have strengthened my conviction that only with the support of an high professionalism , you can reach so elevated performances. In Cortina, 2012, during the race on 15th January, I declared to the press that what I was wearing as underwear was “ not your business”…..actually my humor allowed me to let you understand that I was completely in compliance with FIS rules. I can now formalize that cooperation with ENERGIAPURA for the racing suits had proceed at the same pace with protections. At today, the safety of the materials that I had, it allows me to collaborate personally with the designers of ENERGIAPURA for the fun to create even my new customized suit so that it reflects my real way of being. My song “My way is my decision” written on the racing suit becomes a way to express my world, what I dream and what I am on the snow, and on the races… and so my life and my job are unique and mine. photo Matej Druznik

  • Some fresh news from my side 😃😃😃 TINA MAZE BECOMES THE NEW GLOBAL BRAND AMBASSADRESS FOR ALPINA WATCHES Alpina Watches is pleased to announce double Olympic Ski Champion Tina Maze as its new global ambassadress for the brand and for its new COMTESSE lady collection. With 2 Olympic gold medals at the last Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, 2 World Championships gold medals, 8 podiums at World Championships and a total of 23 victories, 68 podiums and the absolute record of 2414 points in one season in the Alpine Skiing World Cup, Tina is making skiing history and is currently one of the best female alpine skiers. Tina Maze and Alpina are united by their love for Alpine sports and the Alpine universe and identify with the same "Alpinist" values which both believe are the foundations for any sports, professional and personal success. http://www.alpina-watches.com/news/tina-maze-new-alpina-ambassadress-_77.aspx

  • My inspiration, my friends! @janicak and Ivica.

  • ~ the life in balance ~

  • I met @ColinJackson yestrday. #worldofatletics #wingsforlife #charity All the best, cheers! 👌😉

  • On my way to Sport Gala nacht. #Davos #exited #diamondsaregirlsbestfriend @zlatarnaCelje

  • blog... 😃 http://www.tinamaze.com/blog/preberi/124/smucanje_navdusi_si


    When you realize that the moment, when it begins to blow around the ears, there is nothing else but you. When everyone and everything evaporates. When there is no room for something else. Like bora, which cleanses nature, like dust that gets blown away into the distance. As withering flowers or rott…

  • V svoji disciplini sem zmagovalka, v nakitu Lencia pa slavim svojo ženstvenost. Če želiš postati prepoznavni obraz izjemne znamke, na katero stavim tudi sama, se do 31. oktobra prijavi na izbor: http://obraz.lencia.si/lencia.asp?lang=si Zlatarna Celje Hvala


    Ali si drzna? Ali si samozavestna? želiš postati Obraz Lencia? Prijavi se in sodeluj v že četrtem izboru za Obraz Lencia.Letos prvič na mednarodnem nivoju, saj bodo sodelovala dekleta iz sledečih držav: Slovenije, Hrvaške, Bosne in Hercegovine, Srbije in Bolgarije.

  • One more my mommy...

  • My letter.... specially for those who have sent me one, but they got no answer. Moje pismo...posebej za tiste, ki so mi poslali svojega ampak niso dobili odgovora. (v anglescini zaradi velike raznolikosti jezikov) Tina