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Josh Davis

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  • The dynamic Butterfly duo is heading to Lake Geneva, WI. Let us know if you're interested in attending. Misty Hyman is in Chicago on Sunday if you have any swimmers interested in learning from the Queen of the underwater dolphin kick!

  • This is my woman! Her entire life has be dedicated to lifting up her family. I have tested her strength and in 20yrs it has never faltered. Happy Mother's Day to the love-of-my-life!

  • The storms can be intense in Oklahoma but so are the rainbows. Third evening of a double rainbow. I only could fit the first half in the screen.

  • Spent the evening on a date with my wife to the @Needtobreathe concert.

  • Thanks for all the encouragement and support. I had a great time representing SA and breaking some records. I'm now the National record holder in the 50, 100, 200 & 500 free in my age division. Never too old or too young to set some goals and break some records. Dream it. Believe it. BREAKOUT!

    Josh, 42 years old, dropped a 1:38.23 breaking the 200 yard free USMS Record for the 40-44 age group. (Michael Ross held the record at 1:38.94.)

  • It's time to SHAVE! Today is my first race and I need to feel race-ready. It's going to hurt today but it's so great to be back in my hometown of San Antonio-the city that values the sport of swimming!

    The U.S. Masters Swimming spring national championships will open Thursday at Northside Swim Center. The meet is the first of four major events this year at Northside.

  • I love being apart of new Aquatic Center opening. I can honestly say that a pool changed the trajectory of my life and I believe it can do that for anyone no matter what age you start. Congratulations to Harlingen, TX and to all those who've worked so hard to make this happen. "Build it and they will come."

  • I had a great morning speaking to the Admission Counselors Conference in Houston, TX. I'm headed to Hamilton, NY to host a clinic/camp for Colgate University and then meeting up with fellow Olympian Jason Lezak to head to Shaker Heights, OH. We have Olympians: Aaron Peirsol, Conor Dwyer, Ian Crocker, Scott Spann, Ariana Kukors & Madison Kennedy out hosting Mutual of Omaha BREAKOUT swim clinics in numerous areas of the country. #Olympiansgivingback #buidlingchampions #swimmers #breakingout #swimclinic

  • Very successful Mutual of Omaha Breakout clinic with Anthony Ervin while watching Texas win 11th NCAA Title in Iowa City!

  • Had a great week speaking to two corporate groups. Enjoyed one being in Las Vegas and catching the magic show w/ Murray. Then headed to speak to Palo Alto College in SA. Finished up by wishing the Longhorns Good luck at the NCAA meet. I know who's going to win!!