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  • This is championship week for so many teams across the country. Here's a tip for coaches and swimmers as they prepare for the weekend & races. Don't forget to drink lots of water days before the meet. You'll need to stay hydrated. You also want to make sure you're getting to bed on time. Also, make a big effort to stay away from stressful relationships. If you have a friend/family member who can cause you stress, create a respectful boundary until the meet is over. You need to be able to focus on your races. Low stress relationships=peak performance. Finally, don't get cold sitting in the stands waiting for your race. The way you win the race is you do all the little things right i.e. staying warm & stretching. Win in the little areas and you'll set yourself up to potentially win in the big race. Most importantly, remember it's just a race so leave it ALL in the pool and go for it! -Josh

  • Ran a swim clinic at the Grand Prix in Santa Clara yesterday and ran into some old teammates. I feel so blessed to do what I love! This guy is one of my favorites!

  • Time to launch the summer season! Great time to host a swim clinic. Enjoyed spending the morning with the American Energy Swim Club summer league swimmers.

  • Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms who help their kids Dream it. Believe it & BREAKOUT!

  • If you haven't swum before and you're older than 18, you should consider swimming Masters. Most cities have great Masters programs but SA has one of the best with Susan Ingraham leading M.O.S.T (Masters of South Texas) It's never too late to enjoy the benefits of the sport of swimming. http://youtu.be/-si7cLpHkxU

  • I had a blast in the land of perfect weather!! Thank Anthony & Caitlin for rocking the clinic.

    Josh Davis, Anthony Ervin & Caitlin Leverenz refused to have swimming "thrashers" at Cabrillo Threshers. They all were moving towards great technique and nice streamlines. This is a group of champions who will BREAKOUT!

  • Great weekend at the Arena Grand Prix. Nice to have Michael Phelps back & great to see Ryan Lochte coming back after knee injury. Hosted two great swim clinics with Michael Andrew. Thanks Mutual of Omaha & USA Swimming.

  • Enjoyed being the Keynote speaker for First Choice. Great group!

  • watched this today and realized that I've always loved racing!

  • If you're swim club would like host a clinic, our 2014 dates are almost all gone. Go to www.breakoutswimclinic.com and send me a note and I'll help reserve your date and athletes.


    Dream It. Believe It. BREAKOUT! You Can with a Mutual of Omaha BREAKOUT! Swim Clinic. A total-person approach to swimming, a BREAKOUT Swim Clinic can help bust bad habits, build new skills, uncover hidden talent and stand out among the crowd!