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Nick Skelton

Great Britain

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  • Equiform Excel Jump-Off, complete with pic of Nick on the label! One of the many supplements from Equiform Nutrition which we use.

  • A flurry of posts going on here, soon you will all get bored. Just to let you all know we only feed Gain Horse Feeds, it is all Big Star eats, apart from polo's of course! See them on

    Gain Horse Feed, feed for horses

    Gain Horse Feed, feed for horses

  • Check out the new Nick Skelton saddle on Equiline Clothing facebook page ... of course Nick thinks it is great but it is what you all think that really matters.

  • Another flight booked through Zip Travel - check them out at Zip Travel, Hawkes Drive on Facebook. Only flight agent we ever use, apart from the internet of course and that just confuses us ... !!

  • Loads of comments, every one of which is brilliant and we thank you. :) But it would be the original book (slightly edited) with only a brief update, one chapter. Until Nick retires (again!) he won't have time to completely update the book.

  • Nick is considering having his autobiography published digitally, for Kindle, eBook, etc. The book went out of print many years ago but just wondering if there would be any interest in the book, with a short update. Nick's last ten years or so is documented on the internet, it is the early years which may be of interest. Your thoughts? The picture is of Nick's first trophy, back in 1962.

  • Carlo with Nick, busy talking as usual, in July 2012, just before the London Olympics. Love the flying tail!

  • "Baby Big Star" Henrietta when she was 15 minutes old. Literally!

  • This looks a good way to stay organised with when horses were/need to be shod. I think Nick's secretary may soon be only part-time!!

    DOWNLOAD YOUR VIRTUAL HORSE PASSPORT HERE TODAY! Features: Keep track of your upcoming competitions and results and add them to your iPhone calendar through the app Follow your favourite horses and share your horse with friends/owners/customers/vets and syndicate Any vet/farrier or worming treatment…

  • Our first foal by Big Star! She is named "Henrietta" because Big Star's stable name is Henry and we thought that was cute. Baby Big Star!