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Nick Skelton

Great Britain

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  • Nick and Big Star advertising Warwickshire Horse Watch. Nick had hold of the sign and then Big Star took it off him ... Photo courtesy of Carol Cotterill from Warwickshire Horse Watch and Warwickshire Police. Thanks!

  • Here is an interesting piece of history from 1986 - a letter from Sir Harry Llewellyn together with the attachment to which he refers concerning Olympic participation. This letter is framed and on the wall of the office ever since Nick and Big Star won Gold at 2012.

  • Here is Big Star modelling one of his brand new, freshly unpacked rugs, kindly supplied by one of our sponsors, Horseware. He is doing his "Lord of all I survey" pose ...

  • A shout-out to Spinal Research at Bramley Business Centre, Guildford. Nick is a Vice-President of Spinal Research and we support them whenever possible, they are doing amazing work.

  • Emma McCabe from Horseware, one of our sponsors, flew over from Ireland for the Owners Day at Dan Skelton Racing and took the opportunity to call in and say hello to Big Star! Here is Emma with the super star of the yard! Elsa, Nick's dog, is just getting in on the picture as well.

  • Nick in the beautiful mountains of Verbier with a new ride "Cliff 67". Photo by Nick's groom, Sara Reilly, thanks Sara!

  • Big Star having a big sleep this morning! He snoozed for ages, lovely warm weather making him sleepy!

  • Nick has started riding Big Star ...