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Maris Strombergs


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  • Kickstart your weekend with the new #RockstarBOOM @rockstarenergy

  • We can always blame everything on weather but sometimes you just gotta look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth. I really can't remember riding any worse than I did in Sweden this past weekend. I have no idea who's riding that 81 bike right now! And Thanks @Willers777 for leaving me to be the oldest rider racing UCI SX from now on @freeagentbmx @rockstarenergy @bellbikehelmets @odigrips @ride100percent @speedlineparts #FreeAgentBMX #Monum #LOV #LRF @faith_race #81 @craigdutton

  • Short vid on my olympic wins!

  • Either I didn't have it or I didn't bring it but most likely it was a little a bit of both. 2015 Worlds are over and it's time to put it behind and move forward! Thanks to @freeagentbmx @rockstarenergy @ride100percent @faith_race @bellbikehelmets @odigrips @speedlineparts for always taking good care of me #81 #FreeAgentBMX Next stop Sweden!

  • If you in Zolder this weekend swing by the 100% booth this Friday at 10.30am for some goodies and signed cards. Good luck to all the youngsters chasing that #1 plate this week in Belgium! @factoryfreeagent @rockstarenergy @ride100percent #FreeAgentBMX #81

  • Big thanks to #MollerAutoRiga for always keeping my car game on point every time I'm in Latvia! Neviens auto brands Latvijā nerūpējas labāk par savējiem kā Audi, tāpec arī otrpus okeānam palieku uzticīgs Audi! #MollerAutoRiga #81

  • European Champs are in the books. Rode and felt solid all day but didn't have enough in the tank to pull off a 3 peat! A bad mistake in the final put me out of the top 3 and I ended up with 4th. All in a all a fun weekend and it was good to be back competing again after being out of a racing scene for a little while. Next stop World Champs in Belgium! #81 @freeagentbmx @rockstarenergy @bellbikehelmets @ride100percent @odigrips @speedlineparts @faith_race #FreeAgentBMX

  • European and World champs are just around the corner. Time to upgrade your grip game! @odigrips #TheMachine #Signature go check them out on #FreeAgentBMX

  • Catching air on my #FreeAgentBMX @freeagentbmx #81 @rockstarenergy

  • About to go on a light morning ride with my new @khsfactoryracing road bike! Go check them out at #FliteTeam #FreeAgentBMX #81