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Shani Davis

United States of America-USA
Speed Skating

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  • Shani Davis wins his 10th individual World Championship title, capturing the 1000m at the 2015 World Single Distance Championships

  • Shani fans: thanks for the undying support and loyalty! Can't thank you guys enough and always know I'm trying my hardest to represent us! It means a lot that I've always wanted this type of support and after years of doing what I love most, I finally have it and it continues to grow and develop. Love you guys and if we can learn anything from each other it's this: nothing happens overnight. it takes a long time to nourish our dreams and goals and we got to love every step, stumble, or setback along the way to greatness! everything happens for a reason, so it's our duty to figure out why and not get discouraged by setbacks. Nothing can beat us, only if we let it, and we're going to fight every step of the way regardless of victory or defeat!! much love, -sd

  • via On the Podium, Shani Passes 12,000 World Cup Points

  • Everyone, please forgive me for not being on fb in so long! i took a break from all of my social media since last season ended. i'll really try to keep on it as the competitive season starts and reply to your comments when I can. i'm truly thankful and inspired by the support that all of you have shared even while i've been away. it means a lot! peace, -sd Shani Back to the Starting Line - via

  • Rallied for one last episode of USOC's 'Qualified' series. It was tough to do, but i'm grateful for these episodes. Thank u Sherng-Lee Huang!!

    In the last episode of Qualified, Shani Davis shares with us his thoughts and feelings after a disappointing finish at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games an...

  • Definitely not the post-season i had planned when i started training last summer, but doing my best to stay positive and keep everything in perspective. feeling...unfulfilled, but also very thankful for all the love from family, friends, fans and sponsors like AT&T, who helped bring all of those together at the Chicago Bulls game last week! No place like home!!

  • Well, another season in the books! overall it was solid, but of course i didn't get what i wanted at the big show. i know that everything happens for a reason, though, and i'm confident that i'll draw the lessons i'm supposed to as i move forward in my career on the ice and off. thanks, everyone who's been following me on fb. your support here always means a lot! i'll reply the best i can in the coming weeks. Sweet home Chicago here I come!! via "Davis Claims Overall World Cup Crowns!"

  • Interview after WC 1000m win in Inzell, Germany - via NOS Sport (NL) in English

    Een reactie van schaatser Shani Davis na het winnen van het wereldbekerklassement van de 1.000 meter.