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Rebecca Soni

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  • Thankful to share this weekend with @lexiekellyows!! Excited for what's to come ✨(and of course @arianakukors and Mattie too!!)

  • Bringing Kody on our "business trip" just makes this all even more amazing....Early morning run with this stud and @arianakukors #dowhatyoulove #JPlife

  • Filled out the very last pages in my journal this morning! I started journaling in March of last year, not as a place to write about what happened in my days, but instead this book was my place to go to CULTIVATE and CREATE the person that I CHOOSE to be, to RELEASE the things that no longer served me. I put in the work in, on these pages. And then I LET GO and let it happen.... Oh yeah, and I doodled a little along the way. I'm so excited to start the next one!! ✨ Feeling especially grateful this morning for the awesome people in my world ✨ What do YOU really want?! #grounded #grateful #youchoose #createyou #makeithappen

  • Own your story... There's only one person who can dictate what your future holds! #MondayMotivation #QuoteOfTheWeek

  • Workout... check! Yoga... check!! Beach time... Let's do this. Got all my goods: coffee, water, kombucha, goggles!! Beach vibing with @arianakukors ✨☀️

  • There's always time for a hike

  • The world through Kody's point of view. Ever heard the noise that water makes under a frozen surface? It may be one of the most fascinating sounds/feelings... #mountainhikes #dontcracktheice ✨

  • "Everyone has the power for greatness..." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sparking and captivating our motivation and creativity. After watching an incredibly moving live showing of his words and spirit yesterday, I have a new found appreciation for MLK, his unshakable vision and unwavering trust. #BeGreat #CelebrateGreatness #HumanPotential #WeAllHaveIt #MondayMotivation #QuoteOfTheWeek

  • I've been obsessed with Vegan, Raw desserts lately. So fun and easy to make. No baking! Super charged, and super good for you!! These brownies are the outcome of my kitchen experiments last night. Yum!!

  • "The first responsibility the universe places in every person's shoulders is this... CHANGE YOURSELF. One moon, gives us more light than all the stars. One transformed human being has a more beneficial impact on others than a thousand people campaigning for "improvements" which, when the shoutings over, often leave everything no more changed than when a deck of cards is reshuffled." -Paramhansa Yogananda. ✨✨ Setting the theme for my week... Things don't happen by accident! #makeithappen #mondaymotivation #quoteoftheday