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Rebecca Soni

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  • So excited to team up with @rokasports! Awesome people & awesome water +tri gear! Looking forward to many adventures together!

  • Swimming World News

    Rebecca Soni And Caroline Burckle, USA Olympic Medalists and Founders of RISE Elite, have started a mentoring program for young athletes.

  • If you didn't happen to notice (then you're lucky!), this page was unfortunately hacked and published some dirty posts the other week. I'm SO sorry for that, and I'm doing my best to make sure it doesn't happen again, or to at least catch it sooner! And sorry that you had to see that, too. That being said, I'm no Facebook expert... I've done my best to remove said posts and so on, but if you do notice more suspicious posts, please let me know by sending a message! I can't see them from my end (these hackers they're so smart!) Thank you guys!! XO! Reb

  • Parents! One last reminder for our RISE Elite Parent Info Call TODAY at 2:15 PST/5:15 EST! It will be approx. 45 minutes! Come with any and all questions regarding out youth athlete mental training and mentoring program! CALL IN NUMBER = 712-832-8330 ACCESS CODE = 5679971 SO stoked to chat with you all - your support has been absolutely awesome!

  • Come on over to RISE to see what we've got going on! #RISEelite

  • Windy days are better with a cape! Miakoda nailed it with their circle shirt. #miakoda #veganfashion

  • Pre-sunrise calm

  • How is it that the ocean can bring out the little kid in me?! #everytime #play

  • Every dog has his day... Kody and Joey have it pretty darn good everyday #nationaldogday #beachdogs #celebrateeveryday