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Rebecca Soni

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  • Windy days are better with a cape! Miakoda nailed it with their circle shirt. #miakoda #veganfashion

  • Pre-sunrise calm

  • How is it that the ocean can bring out the little kid in me?! #everytime #play

  • Every dog has his day... Kody and Joey have it pretty darn good everyday #nationaldogday #beachdogs #celebrateeveryday

  • Every once in a while, the ocean throws you some curve balls!!! A fun and adventurous swim + body surf sesh was just what the doctor ordered!! #Repost @theswimmechanic with @repostapp. ・・・ Naturally in sync with @rebsoni in the deep blue sea. We try to make time for play every day. Why not?! Photo: @sexton_gallery

  • Exploring the seas #Repost @theswimmechanic ・・・ Open to the open water! Feeling limitless while exploring in the ocean near Palos Verdes. Exceptional photo by: @sexton_gallery #swim #ocean #train #fun

  • This Fourth of July, I’ll be especially proud to call myself a member of Team USA. Please help support America’s home team today by donating to Your gift can help fund a pair of running shoes or a healthy meal for an athlete on the Road to Rio. Thank you for your support, and #GoTeamUSA!