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Mia Hamm

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  • Pledge to Live Fearless with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina for a chance to have your daughter coached by me and my former teammates Kristine Lilly and Tisha Venturini. Pledge here to enter now:

  • Coppertone Polarized Lenses is flying one winner and guest to meet me in Las Vegas this fall! You can register for a chance to win and find full sweepstakes details at

    One lucky winner will receive the grand prize trip for two to Las Vegas to meet Coppertone Polarized Lenses brand ambassador Mia Hamm.

  • Sometimes you just have to shrug it off. Watch me #BeLikeMike: Gatorade

    No matter who you are, how far you’ve come or what you’ve achieved, his legend lives on in all of us. In tribute to Michael Jordan and Gatorade’s most popula...

  • I love spending time outdoors, but sometimes the sun bites back. That was my experience with pterygium, an eye condition linked to overexposure to the sun. Premium polarized lenses are the best way to protect eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, which is why I partner with and wear Coppertone Polarized Lenses.

    Soccer legend Mia Hamm understands the importance of protecting eyes from the sun at all ages and all times of year. As brand ambassador for Coppertone Polar...

  • The only thing you can’t do is quit. That’s what it means to #BeLikeMike. Gatorade

  • I’m excited to announce my continued partnership with the Coppertone Polarized Lenses team! Looking forward to another year of sharing the importance of eye and sun protection is for all ages, at all times of year.

    Coppertone Polarized Sun Lenses provide added protection against High Energy Visual (HEV) light, aka, “blue light.”

  • #LaurenHill, we have all been so inspired by your story. The Red Lions girls soccer team are dedicating this weekend's game to you and I will make a donation to The Cure Starts Now Foundation #1More4Lauren

  • Eyes are vulnerable to sun damage year-round, because UV rays don’t stop the temperature drops. So even as the weather turns cooler, I keep my Coppertone Polarized Lenses sunglasses nearby for trips to the store, the field and everywhere in between.

    UVA light can damage the eyes and the skin around them year-round, and even on overcast days, damaging amounts of UV can penetrate through clouds and haze.