10 Oct 2017
Cheats, bets & bans tackled in new Athlete Learning Gateway course

What would you do if you found a team mate or an opponent was cheating? Do you know what you should do? How would you report it?

The consequences for such actions are severe, ranging from withdrawn medals to possible criminal convictions.

In this new course, Crossing the line: Tackling Manipulation of Competitions, you will learn what manipulation of competition is, from illegal betting and match-fixing to doping and cheating. Understand how to report it, to keep sport clean and fair, and how you can be part of the solution.

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Led by three-time Olympic swimming champion Anthony Ervin, this is a course for all and an opportunity for you and your team mates to keep your sport and institutions safe and clean, to ensure that our hard-working athletes, coaches and entourage members are not cheated out of their achievements.

“Success is the feeling of standing on top of the podium and knowing all the struggles you’ve gone through, thinking of all those that have shared joy in your life and the countrymen that you have made proud…

“For those that choose to get there without such effort, or through ways that devalue the effort they have already invested, I can’t imagine that the level of satisfaction would be the same.”
– Anthony Ervin, three-time Olympic swimming champion


For more information on the issue, and tips on spotting, preventing and reporting competition manipulation in its many forms, take the course today.