03 Feb 2017
IOC Athletes’ Commission Statement on the US Executive Order on Immigration

The IOC Athletes’ Commission supports the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in its efforts to ensure expedited access to the United States for athletes and officials from the seven countries included in President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration. In the spirit of the Olympic values of friendship, excellence and respect, our Commission believes in and advocates the free rights of travel to training camps and sporting competitions for all athletes and officials. We believe that all sportspersons must be treated on the basis of equality, and the absence of this can never be compensated. We hope that the work between the USOC and the US government will bring a solution that has a minimal impact on athletes, events and the sports world as a whole.

The IOC Athletes’ Commission has been informed that a procedure is being established to advance visas for affected individuals. For athletes and officials who plan to compete at an international event in the United States over the next year, it is critical that you notify the USOC if you are an individual who was born in or carries a passport from the seven impacted countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen). In addition, if you have travelled to any of these countries since 2011, it is also critical that you contact the USOC. The USOC will then work with the US Department of State to make every effort to process your visa.

Please feel free to contact David Francis at the following email address – david.francis@usoc.org. He can help you navigate this procedure.