Life Skills

Ready for an interview? Know how to network? What about managing your finances? We can help you build these vital life skills. Read on to improve your competencies outside the sporting arena.

Top Tips


Be prepared to present your best self when working with the media.


Read our guide about making the best public speeches and presentations for when people want to hear your story.


Explore the challenges of being a role model and how to overcome them.


Arm yourself with essential skills using our problem solving guides and goal-setting tactics.


Learn how to set goals that help you achieve success, whatever that may be.


Read our tips on how to manage your finances and establish a budget.


Make the most of social media, as it’s your best chance to manage your public image and build a fan base.


Discover the best networking tips to build contacts for the future.


IOC Athlete Career Programme (ACP)

Learn more about how the IOC ACP can help you to achieve success on and off the field of play.

Life Skills

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Information on Insurance for Athletes

All you need to know about insurance!


ACP Contacts

For further information on who to contact in your country follow this link.